My story

Part 1.

Where I was born, people used herbs in treating simple things, like colds and flu, quite extensively. Moreover, even medical doctors prescribed herbal gargles for a sore throat or homeopathic remedies for flu (generic ones, not personalised, as doctors are not trained in homeopathy in Russia, but are familiar with this modality).

As a little girl, I spent a lot of time in queues in hospitals and clinics, where my mother was trying to get yet another diagnosis for her malaise. I listened to the medical lingo, I could spell “acetylsalicylic” when I was 6 and knew the difference between laryngitis and pharyngitis by the age of 7. I knew where the major organs in our body were and what medication was used to treat different conditions by the age of 8. I learned about electrophoresis therapy and acupuncture (as Soviet medical specialists often had exchange programs with their Chinese colleagues, so Chinese medicine was a la mode, though its philosophy was not talked about). After that I don’t remember attending medical clinics with mother. And the knowledge about the body work faded. I got occupied with my little nieces and nephews who were born around that time. But then there were issues with the little bubbas’ health – eczema, bronchitis, fevers – and I watched and observed. There was no internet in those days, you know, so the major entertainment and learning was the life itself.

How many times did you google something, but then you had to google for the same thing again, just to make sure, or because you simply forgot? I can say that for me there were quite a few! Well, when you watch and are part of something, it stays with you pretty much forever.

Teenage years were tough. As I approached adolescence in a slightly overweight body, and also in poor physical shape with very little endurance. Vegetative-vascular dystonia was my diagnosis which, as it turned out, was labelled to many teenage boys and girls in Russia at that time. I was prescribed medication. Retrospectively, the medication which I was given, was quite holistic – Siberian Ginseng tincture (taste of childhood, as I call it now), some amino acids and, possibly, some chemical drug.

It is very clear to me now how all the conditions I had developed by my teen years were of psychosomatic origin – stressful family situation, lots of shaming and blaming in childhood, all sorts of abuse – at home and at school. It all had to happen for some reason. I’m still untangling all that. This is my journey in this life. And I find it fascinating; and the more I learn along my journey – about myself and the world – the more I’m curious.

To be continued…