Energy Healing


Energy Healing

What is energy healing?

Energy healing refers to various subtle techniques that help to restore the unimpeded flow of life force energy within a person’s body. The goal of energy healing is to restore the flow of energy by removing energy blocks so that the body’s self-healing mechanism could start working again and your body could heal itself. Julia uses intuitive/esoteric healing to get to the root cause of the disease.


Why use energy healing?

Sometimes following a healthy lifestyle with the most nutritious diet, exercise, and support of natural medicine still fails to restore a person to full health. In her clinical practice Julia has seen patients whose bodies rejected nutritious foods, who progressed very slowly on their health journey, which caused frustration and desperation on their part. Very often diseases are caused by past or current emotional issues and traumas. Over time, unresolved emotional traumas create blockages in the flow of energy in your body and the body’s self-healing abilities get compromised. This is where energy healing can be helpful to restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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What should I expect during an energy healing session?

Normally, energy healing is performed at the end of a naturopathic consultation (whether it is an initial or a subsequent consultation) and takes about 10 minutes. A patient is seated in the chair with his/her eyes closed while Julia does the healing work. Some people might feel light sensations of energy moving within their bodies or nothing at all. Most people find it relaxing and pleasant.

Sometimes energy healing requires work on your part! You might have an opportunity to identify the emotional problem that has caused the energy blockage and you will be guided on how to release it. If you are keen to learn self-help techniques, separate healing sessions or short EFT sessions can be organised, where Julia takes you through the processes until you’re comfortable to perform them yourself. This can be done effectively via skype.