Trying to conceive is becoming one of the most stressful times for modern couples. Fertility has been in decline in the developed countries due to the modern ways of life – low-nutrients diet, environmental pollution, chemicals in our food, sedentary life, way too much screen time (the white light and the electro-magnetic field disrupting our circadian rhythm, which results in a cascade of hormonal imbalances).

Working on improving fertility is not only about getting the parts β€œdown there” to work well, it is about making lifestyle changes, creating a space, where your body can cope with growing a new human being – not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

When I have a woman coming to see me after having had miscarriages or trying to conceive for more than 2 years without success, we talk about everything that has been happening in her life for this period of time and before. We go as far as her own childhood and birth. If the person is ready, we do the inner child work alongside with energy medicine, such as flower essences and/ or homeopathy.

But I always, always work with the father as well. The future human being would need a sperm and an ovum to grow from, so they both need to be equally healthy. More often than not only one partner seeks treatment, while it’s essential that both parties are on board in this venture of procreation!