My story (last part)

Part 3. (Part 1 , Part 2 )

Love is a cruel thing, they say. I was so young, so inexperienced in human relationships, having no positive role model in the family. All my insecurities resurfaced when I started my own relationship with a man, and they were there every step of the way, up until my marriage hit the mark of 15 years. It may take that long!

But getting back on track with my story. My husband and I, along with our son, moved to Melbourne in 2005 and, two years later, decided to make Melbourne our home. I love the city with all my heart and I truly believe it is the best one in the world.

I worked as a teacher after we moved (my first degree is in linguistics and intercultural communication). But I felt unsettled with my job. I tried myself as a bookkeeper; after one year of study and six months of work I firmly knew that this is not my path in this life.

Then, as in so many natural health practitioners窶 and healers窶 journeys there came a wake -up call. A health challenge. A relationship challenge. Three miscarriages, one of which at nearly midterm left us with a spot to visit at the Brighton cemetery, then a nervous breakdown and, as a result, the relationship crisis.

This heralded a period of countless meditation and esoteric classes, retreats and mindfulness podcasts and books on self-development. After going through this 2- year upheaval, my continuous learning about natural medicine and esoterics became official and I enrolled into the Naturopathy course in 2009. Two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant with my second son. Then another challenge unrolled. When he was around 10 months old, I knew there窶冱 something wrong. The little one was different from his brother when he was that age. Initially I thought it窶冱 because I was tired, I overanalysed things. But as a mother I knew, he did behave differently 窶 unable to play with a toy for more than several seconds, picking up one toy and throwing it instantly away, then the loss of the eye contact occured. All this, coupled with turbulent first 6 months of zero sleep because he had been so unsettled, the projectile vomiting, the eczema, all this was screaming to me that I had to do something. And I embarked on yet another journey, which was all about real dietary changes, learning tonnes about gut disorders and gut-brain connection, autistic spectrum disorder and much more. And I did it. With quite a bit of collateral damage for other family members, I did it. The drive to help my little baby was so strong in me as well as the thirst for knowledge, that I did it, with the help of my family. I窶冦 forever grateful to my husband, whose support, love and acceptance has been limitless. My elder son was a true hero in this family drama; he fought his own demons, going through his tweens at the time, changing schools, trying to establish new friendships he so much craved. So this is one of the ways I can express gratitude to my family – you are true warriors, full of love and determination, and you are so much loved.

Going back to mid-90s, when I bought that book on transcendental psychology, that was the time I started to feel drawn to all things connected to natural medicine and healing. I studied aromatherapy while doing my linguistics degree in Moscow, learned about Ayurveda as part of my University degree. The psychology module at the university opened up so many avenues of exploration of the subconscious. After I had my first child I realised that conventional medicine is not the road I窶囘 like to take with my baby窶冱 health, so I studied homeopathy and have been using it successfully ever since. Then there were all the life challenges. Each and every one of them pushed me to the limit but brought so much experience! I窶冦 grateful for all of that. I wouldn窶冲 be the person I am now if it wasn窶冲 for them.

I am not perfect, by the way. I am a human being, experiencing this physical existence. I love chocolate and good food in general. I can lose my temper, I do get frustrated, none of the human emotions are foreign to me. I do make mistakes. I have my weaknesses but prefer to draw on my strengths. I am here to be, to breathe, to help, to educate and I窶冦 humbled by what I do.

I hope my story has something that touched you. I hope some learned something new, some could see hope, and some may recognise bits of their own story in mine. Because the most personal is the most common.

I窶囘 love to connect with you! Send me an email. We don窶冲 have to navigate through this life on our own. There窶冱 always support out there!

In light and health,